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Professional data recovery services

HelpDisc has proven itself as a reliable partner in cases of data loss from any defective media. HelpDisc uses the most advanced tools and techniques in order to offer its clients the fastest and safest service of data recovery. This is witnessed by numerous satisfied customers from all over the World.

We define data recovery

HelpDisc was first to define data recovery as a procedure of copying the data from a storage medium when it can't be accessed through ordinary means.

HelpDisc - Synonym for standards in data recovery

Standards that were introduced by HelpDisc provide security to the client in terms of meeting the deadlines, prices and quality.

Reputation and exeprience

Over 20 years of data recovery experience and our reputation guarantee the highest quality of service in all of our offices in Netherlands, Serbia and Croatia.

We demistify data recovery

With total transparency of our work and by fixing the prices on type of malfunction (not on type of client), we have demystified the data recovery procedure.

HelpDisc Netherlands

Address: Innsbruckweg 53, 3047 AG Rotterdam
Telephone: +31 10 23 800 80
Skype: itpshelpdisc
Email: info@helpdisc.nl

HelpDisc Serbia

Address: Milutina Milankovića 1E, Belgrade
Telephone/Fax: +381 (0)11 361 43 43
00-24h+381 (0)64 407 6 507
Skype: ranikolahdd
Email: office@helpdisc.rs

HelpDisc Croatia

Address: Kranjčevićeva 22, Zagreb
Telephone: +385 (0)1 36 46 700
Fax: +385 (0)1 36 46 756
00-24: +385 (0)99 75 45415
Skype: helpdisc-croatia
Email: helpdisc@helpdisc.hr