In order to provide our users with the highest quality service, we have enabled them to log in online and view the list of saved data.

Viewing the list of saved data allows the client to check online the folders and files found on the failed media and which can be saved. In order to be able to look at the list of saved data, the client needs to log in with his job number (job ID) and the code that he receives when receiving the job. Detailed instructions for viewing saved data can be read on our blog and viewed in the video tutorial below.

*Overseas customers should contact us by email or phone before shipping the device so that we can provide shipping instructions.

Packaging and shipping of hard drives

For the successful recovery of data from hard drives, the most important thing is that the media arrives at our offices without additional damage caused by poor handling during transport. That’s why it’s important to properly package and ship sensitive media.

If you have a retail version of the media in the original packaging, it is best to send the media that way. If you did not receive your media in retail packaging, below are some recommendations and guidelines so that your media arrives at our premises safely.

  • All media must be packed inside an antistatic bag (ESD bag).
  • Plastic packaging for hard drives can replace an antistatic bag. Such packaging needs to be additionally secured in a cardboard box with Styrofoam.
  • The outer packaging of the package should be made of hard cardboard. HelpDisc box
  • The entire interior space must be filled with styrofoam or sponge, with a cutout for media placement. You can also use bubble wrap or bubble wrap.
  • The media must not have a space in which it could move freely inside the box. It must be covered with protective material on all six sides.
  • It is not necessary to send any cables or accessories, except in the case of external devices (external case, NAS, etc…). Then send the accessories separately from the media in the same package.
  • The box is secured with wide adhesive tape.
  • HelpDisc is not responsible for any damage that occurred during transport. You must report all package shipments to the number: +381 (0)11 361 43 43. Fill out the online receipt form.

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